Matt Larson

Brooks Running

Launch 5 Campaign

Launch 5 Campaign

Art direction + Design

By connecting the energy of the
Launch 5 to commonly understood expressions of energy we successfully positioned the shoe as the top choice for runners looking for more spring in their step. 

Brand Beliefs Book

Brand Beliefs Book

Art direction + Design + Photography + Illustration

A book penned by CEO Jim Weber establishing the tenants of the brand.
Manifested from the words within, the book is a concrete example of abstract expressions such as 'truth and joy'. It serves as a guide and inspiration for anyone at Brooks.


Art Direction + Event Installation + Design

Video Password: MattLarson

The Levitate product launch was the first of its kind for Brooks. A newly formulated technology needed to come out of the gates with a bang. 

Tasked with weaving the backstory of the shoe with product technology with the brand we had to concept and create a story that runners would immediately understand but be compelled to want more. 

PR Invitational

PR Invitational

Art Direction + Design + Illustration

An elite track event for high school athletes, the PR Invitational plays host to world record holders and the sport's future greats. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun. 

Brooks Event Booth

Brooks Event Booth

Design + Illustration + Photography

Visuals for the brand expo booth that traveled to 28 different cities in various configurations.

Brooks Heritage

Brooks Heritage

Art direction + Design + Photography

Brooks Heritage Catalog — targeting the heart of sneakerheads worldwide.