Matt Larson




If you’ve made it here it’s because we like each other. No, not like that—you know what I mean. Together, we can create a visual story of the day you say “I do”. What I bring to the table is a perspective that makes you feel like you’re right back in the moment.




Shot for my dear friend Amy and her husband Adam. It was an intimate wedding of nearly one hundred and fifty people—each and every one a close friend or family member.




My good mate, Jeff is a photographer. And for his own wedding he decided to use not one but three photographers to capture different portions of their day. My part? The reception.


If you’re interested, let’s talk!

I believe in more than just quality photos. I believe in providing the best experience for you—from our first conversation to the time I deliver your photos, I operate with the utmost respect and integrity.

Let me prove it to you.